Farmer’s Market Report… dead of winter

It’s the first week in February and today I bought:

2 different kinds of lettuce
a huge pile of purple baby onions
cavolo greens
a big bag of oranges and lemons
sweet potatoes
and… best of all…
two pineapples!

One of the most friendly producers there, a young couple from Trinidad, is thinking about starting a CSA this spring. I really like them as people, but I don’t often buy from their stall because they don’t grow the kinds of things we eat the most of. Even if they did, I don’t know that I would want to join another CSA. I enjoy having choice at the farmer’s market, that’s why we often hit two farmer’s markets a week. I wonder if I could sell the CSA at work, where most of the women there like the idea of buying local produce but rarely follow through. Being able to pick up a box once a week, especially since the Wednesday market is exactly 2 blocks from the school, may pursuade them… again if they grow what people want to buy.

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