Greens, greens, greens!

We didn’t make it to the farmer’s market until 10am this morning… much later than usual. I was happy to find many stalls still open, if seriously depleted. There was not a persimmon to be found! The citrus season is just beginning but there was a boy there with a few buckets of oranges. We bought everything he had left for $4. The amount and variety of greens was just staggering. We bought:

2 bunches of cavolo greens, a huge head of red lettuce,a huge flat head of some sort of unidentified sturdy cream and green ruffled green, fresh parsley, bunches of tiny baby bok choy, tiny baby turnips for roasting, a pound of freshly shelled pecans grown right here in Alachua county, a full basket of oranges, white radishes, sweet potatoes and a jar of the homemade plum jam that I am addicted to.

The cavolo greens are a new thing for us. If you see them make sure to give them a try. They are thick and sturdy like collard greens but not as bitter. We have been sauteeing them with a slice of chopped bacon and a couple cloves of garlic.

Then we went to Wards and bought even more produce: fresh garlic, a few tomatoes, fresh ginger, arugula (which they had at the fm but we forgot), chard, mushrooms, white sweet potatoes because they looked interesting, carrots and cucumbers. We also bought pears at Wal-Mart… they are at least American-grown, and they were $1 per pound.

I am sometimes amazed at the amount of fresh produce we consume. We have always eaten way more fresh fruits and vegetables than the “normal American family” but now that we have cut back our consumption of starches the volume of vegetables has gone way up. Last night we had a typical dinner for us, a meat and three vegetable sides; roasted brussel sprouts, a large green salad and sauteed greens.  Fresh vegetables are bulkier and less calorie-dense than starches, but much more nutrient-dense… the way we should be eating. The only drawback is the expense.

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