Farmer’s Market, greens!

Went to the 441 market by myself this morning. It was ridiculously cold this morning, I didn’t know how many farmers to expect. Surprisingly there were the same ten farmers that seem to be there year-round. I always try to buy a little bit from each table, but I definitely have my favorites. Farmer John is usually the first guy to get money, he always has the most interesting varieties of greens and lettuces. The poor girl doing the Flour Pot Bakery booth was already packing up to go, she said she was just too cold.

I bought:

red velvet lettuce, baby spinach, Italian “cavolo” greens, some Chinese green that looks like tatsoi but with green stems, a giant head of bok choy, a small bunch of baby swiss chard, several pounds of dark-skinned sweet potatoes and persimmons, 2 giant bunches of green onions, 2 green peppers, 2 small daikon and kohlrabi, and the only cucumber left.

Dinners this week will include: fried rice with lots of veggies, greens with oyster sauce, and dumplings. Black beans and rice. Lentils and greens with Florida shrimp. A giant salad with red velvet lettuce and spinach. Tonight I’m making onion pakoras with chutney as I have been craving them lately, with palak paneer and trying my hand at homemade naan.

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