Slow Food Gainesville meeting last night

I finally made it to a Slow Food Gainesville meeting! Two first time experiences last night: finally meeting with the Slow Food Gainesville group and eating at The Top downtown. Both the food and the meeting were excellent. Several of the people involved in the committee are experienced fundraisers already active in the sustainability field. That will lend a lot of weight to what we’re doing. I’m going to talk to Morningside Nature Center next weekend to see if they’re interested in some cooperative events. Exciting!

Last week while down in Sebastian we finally made it to Hale Produce Market. What a disappointment on a local-food level. Only a few baskets of oranges were local, every single other thing was shipped in from California or farther. We were really hoping to find a real farmer’s market. The other half of the building is a yuppy food store, a bit of locally-processed small-business products but again, mostly shipped in from all over the country. We bought all sorts of things to try, including locally-produced alligator jerky which was quite good.

We also drove up to Fellsmere and found the guy selling shrimp. He shrimps around Cape Canaveral and sells from St. Augustine to Vero on the weekends. His road-side stand is the only place I have seen rock shrimp in a decade. We bought 3 pounds of rock shrimp and a pound of white shrimp, which are by-catch of the rock shrimp. I can’t wait to eat the rock shrimp Sunday. If you’re down that way he sets up on US-1 between Sebastian and Fellsmere Saturdays and Sundays, you just have to drive and look for the sign.

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