Farmer’s Market, meal planning

At the Farmer’s Market today: bokchoy, red zingers, garlic chives, tomatoes, red and gypsy peppers, a bunch of key limes, onions, persimmons, parsley, more local shrimp

Tonight- salmon burgers (lime cheesecake and pumpkin-ginger cake for Samhain celebration)
tomorrow- pork steaks, coleslaw, cornbread, green salad
Monday- honey mustard chicken with sweet potato oven fries, roasted beets and brussel sprouts
Tuesday- haluska
Wednesday- black beans and rice with chicken
Thursday- shrimp fried rice or bibimbap
Friday- leftovers!

Lunches- pav bhaji and naan for Alex, cucumber kimbab for E and J (nobody had eel!), oatmeal cookies with stir-ins to use up some Halloween candy, chickpea salad for me
Breakfasts- sausage and tomato breakfast casserole, leftover pumpkin cake

For the last few weeks the guy selling papayas has been selling something he was calling key limes. They looked like what I always thought key limes looked like; very small, very round, bumpy and yellow… not green. However, all of the websites showing “key limes”, including “key limes” in bags at the grocery store, are smooth-skinned and green. Wikipedia says key limes are yellow when ripe but are usually picked green… so maybe I am just buying actually ripe limes. It also says that key limes are the same thing as Mexican limes, which I don’t think is true…

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