I have returned, Eat Local Challenge

I have been ignoring this blog I created several months ago. I am using the Eat Local Challenge to get going on this blog, use it for what it was really meant for: to track our family’s journey in eating locally and sustainably and writing about what that means to me. This is what I wrote in the Eat Local Challenge blog:

1. My foodshed is the 150 mile radius around Gainesville, FL as much as I can, then all of Florida and southern Georgia.

2. My exceptions are tea (I buy fair trade and organic when possible), baking supplies and grains (I have not found any wheat or flint corn grown here at all), rice, spices, and so far meat, dairy and eggs.

3. My goals for this month regard meat, dairy and eggs. Our family of five already eats 90% of our produce local. We cook and bake almost everything from scratch. Our budget just does not expand far enough to buy our meat, eggs and dairy from local sources. The prices are double to triple the regular grocery store prices and even though I know we eat far less meat than the average American family, it still is painfully expensive.

To offset this, we do buy our meat from a locally-owned, non-chain grocer & butcher, and buy our sausage from a local producer. We also buy as much local Florida fish and seafood as possible (farmed alligator- yum!).

We are exploring options for buying organic, sustainable meat like pork and venison in whole or half animals and doing the processing ourselves which would significantly reduce the costs.

3. So, my goals for this month are:

Exploring affordable options for eggs, dairy and meat for our family.

Eating/buying a higher ratio of Florida fish/seafood to non-local/sustainable meat.

We will continue with our goal of 90% local produce and continue to buy local-owned and small-business-produced over “grocery store organic”, which I do not trust.

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