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The farmers are back! The farmers are back!
I am so happy. icbhod and I went to the farmer’s market this morning and the farmers are finally back! Instead of a few very sparse tables, there were about a dozen farmers there with burgeoning tables and a wider variety than we’ve seen in two months. Today we bought:
Thai basil, bush basil, Italian basil, garlic chives, tomatoes, some lovely sweet peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, lemongrass, arugula, and two weird and wonderful things- a fresh local pineapple and prickly pear fruit!

We also bought cage-free eggs and local non-homogenized milk from Live Oak and oranges from south Florida at Ward’s, celebrating the start of the Eat Local Challenge. One of the most exciting parts of our weekly food foray was making a great contact at the Farmer’s Market for venison and possibly even humanely raised pork. That is my big goal for the Eat Local Challenge- to seriously explore options for humane/sustainable and affordable eggs, milk, and meat. Just one deer and a half of a pig could probably feed us for an entire winter. *startled* I could smoke my own bacon! That’s so exciting!

breakfasts- crab and dill quiche with gruyere, apple-cinnamon-pecan granola
lunches- pecan-toasted oat blondies, whole-wheat molasses cookies, chicken salad and BLT wraps, oranges, chickpea salad
tonight- spaghetti with pesto
tomorrow- grilled tuna steaks, ajvar, fresh bread, smoked turkey legs, grilled zucchini, and tomato-cucumber salad
Monday- lemongrass and basil steamed perch, rice, sesame eggplant and chayote
Tues- leftovers or mac & cheese
Wed- black beans and rice
Thurs- beef merlot with carrots and parsnips, bread
Fri- salmon patties, sweet potato oven fries, whatever else needs to be eaten up

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