Farmer’s Market Notes

icbhod and I went to the 441 Farmer’s Market this morning. I haven’t been to this fm in a few weeks… It was crowded! The number of stalls has doubled, at least 10 new stalls set up off the back of trucks full of local-grown produce. The season of greens and oranges is almost over (thankthegods, for I have grown weary of chard) and the season of squash and tomatoes has begun! I just finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle yesterday and today made me think of the passage in the book where Kingsolver describes a part of eating seasonally- finally growing sick of something in the garden and then surprise! there’s something new coming along right after it.

Gone or almost gone: spinach, strawberries, all citrus, chard, kohlrabi
Still here: blueberries, leeks and green onions, chinese greens, cabbage, root vegetables
First appearance this week: acorn squash, WATERMELONS, cantaloupe, shelling beans

Today we bought: sweet potatoes, leeks, radishes, purple and yellow pole beans, a large bag of cranberry beans for shelling, really ripe tomatoes, itty bitty carrots, one last lonely kohlrabi, one huge watermelon, spicy mesclun mix with nasturtium and pineapple guava flowers, a large bag of oranges, tangerines and grapefruit, cucumbers, and zucchini. All of this cost about $36.


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